Arzimanoglou, A – Barcelona (SPAIN) / Lyon (FRANCE)

- Head of the Department of Pediatric Clinical Epileptology, Sleep Disorders and Functional Neurology, University Hospitals of LYON, France.

- Visiting Professor Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.

- Coordinator Epilepsy Research Program, Hospital San Juan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain.

- Member of the Steering Committee of the European Reference Network EpiCARE & Coordinator of the Lyon EpiCARE centre.

- Member of the Executive Committee of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).

- Editor-in-Chief of the journal EPILEPTIC DISORDERS _ Educational Journal of the (ILAE).

- Associate Editor of the European Journal of Child Neurology_ Journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS).

- Past Chair of the Scientific Committee of the EPNS.

- Past President of the French Chapter of International League against Epilepsy (ILAE).

- Past President of the Société Européenne de Neurologie Pédiatrique (SENP).

 - Awarded as Ambassador for Epilepsy – International League Against Epilepsy.

- Aicardi Award for Excellence in Paediatric Neurology – EPNS.

- Authored several books and has 140 peer-reviewed publications.




Barba, C – Florence (ITALY)

Carmen Barba is a child neurologist and the head of the laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology, Pediatric Neurology Unit at Children's Hospital Anna Meyer, Florence, Italy. Her main areas of interest are epilepsy surgery, pediatric neurophysiology and functional neuroimaging. She had a leading position in National and European research projects on pediatric epileptology.



Beniczky, S – Dianalund (DENMARK)

Sándor Beniczky is board-certified neurologist, clinical neurophysiologist and epileptologist. Currently he is professor of clinical Neurophysiology at Aarhus University, and the head of the clinical neurophysiology department at the Danish Epilepsy Centre. He is the chair of the joint EEG taskforce of the IFCN and ILAE, member of the commission on diagnostic methods, education taskforce and the commission on European affairs (CEA) of the ILAE. The main research interest of Dr. Beniczky is EEG and epilepsy. He has supervised eight Ph.D. students. He is author of 112 peer-reviewed papers and twelve book chapters.



Calvo Aparicio, J - Barcelona (SPAIN)




Dalla Bernardina, B – Verona (ITALY)




Darra, F – Verona (ITALY)




De Palma, L – Rome (ITALY)

Luca studied medicine in Padua, Italy, where he received his MD and did his residency in child neuropsychiatry. He spent  part of his residency in Lyon and Grenoble, under the supervision of Philippe Kahane and Lorella Minotti. During this period he focused his research in the presurgical evaluation of children and in particular the SEEG correlates of infantile spasms. From 2014 he is part of the Epilepsy Surgery Unit of the Bambino Gesu’ Children Hospital. He is now investigating the role of high frequency oscillation and functional connectivity in predicting post-surgical outcome



Eisermann, M – Paris (FRANCE)

Monika Eisermann is working as Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at the Pediatric University Hospital Necker Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris, France. After medical studies, fellowship in Pediatrics, Neuropediatrics and Epileptology, and doctorate in Germany, she trained in Clinical Neurophysiology at Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital in Paris with Perrine Plouin.

Her clinical work involves all types of pediatric neurophysiological exploration, with main emphasis on epilepsy monitoring. As member of the research unit INSERM 1129 "Infantile Epilepsies and Brain Plasticity" of the René Descartes University she works on rare epilepsies, especially on neonatal epilepsies and epileptic spasms at all ages.

She has a vast teaching experience resulting from lectures given at several French universities, by organizing regular national seminaries and workshops in pediatric clinical neurophysiology, and by lecturing teaching sessions during national and international congresses and teaching courses. She participated from their very beginning as tutor in the internet-based, e-moderated Virepa EEG courses organized by the ILAE, and becomes in 2013 the director of the pediatric EEG course.

She is member of the executive committee of the French Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Society, acting as delegate and liaison officer to the International Societies. She is also member of the Epilepsy Certification Taskforce of the ILAE.



García Fernández, M - Madrid (SPAIN)

Marta García-Fernández is a consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist and Epileptologist who currently works at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit of Niño Jesús Paediatric University Hospital. She has over 12 years’ experience in the evaluation of children with epilepsy, including extended training in epileptology at prestigious neuroscientific centres in Montreal (Canada), Milan (Italy) and Grenoble (France).

In addition, she is a professor of Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology at Francisco de Vitoria University since 2012 and actively participates in the postgraduate training of Clinical Neurophysiologists and Child Neurologists from all over the country.



Gil-Nager, A - Madrid (SPAIN)

Since 1998 Dr. Antonio Gil-Nagel is director of the Epilepsy Program at Hospital Ruber Internacional, in Madrid, an international referral centre for epilepsy, and a pioneer in diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy in adults and children. In 1999 he was appointed Consultant in epilepsy at the City of Madrid County, and in 2011 Doctor Ad Honorem at the Centre for Biotechnology of Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, a research centre for engineering and technology of health sciences. After graduating from the University of Madrid School of Medicine he did his training in neurology at Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre. This was followed by a fellowship in epilepsy at the Minnesota Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. After this he was appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota and later at Rush Medical Centre, in Chicago.
Since 1998, Dr Gil-Nagel directs the Epilepsy Centre of Hospital Ruber Internacional where he has established a comprehensive epilepsy program. In this centre more than 100 neurology neurologists from Spain and other countries have been trained in epilepsy. Following this, several trainees have developed successful epilepsy centres in other hospitals both in Spain and abroad. Dr. Gil-Nagel is a frequent lecturer in international meetings. His research has been focused on clinical manifestations of seizures, epilepsy surgery, and pharmacological therapy – areas in which he has published several articles in journals such as Annals of Neurology, Brain, Neurology, Epilepsia, Journal of Neurology, and European Journal of Neurology, among others. In addition, he is the author of several books on epilepsy and electroencephalography. He has dedicated time to the dissemination of knowledge on brain function and human behaviour, areas into which he gained insight after years of analysis of punctual clinical manifestations during epileptic seizures.



Granata, T - Milan (ITALY)

Tiziana Granata  is the head of the Epilepsy Unit in the Department of Pediatric Neuroscience at the Neurological Institute C. Besta in Milan, Italy.

 Her  main areas of interest are rare genetic epilepsies of childhood, including those resulting from metabolic and degenerative diseases,  and inflammation-related epilepsies.  She has published more than 100 papers in international journals, and is currently responsible for clinical studies on diagnosis and tratment of rare epilepsies.



Gutiérrez Delicado, E – Madrid (SPAIN)

adult neurologist specialized in adult and childhood epileptology.

Medical Degree, Autónoma University, Madrid, Spain (1990-1996).

Specialized in Neurology, San Carlos University Hospital, Madrid, Spain (1997-2001).    

Fellowship training in Epilepsy and Genetics of Epilepsies, Epilepsy Unit, Fundación Jiménez Díaz UTE, Madrid, Spain (2001-2005).

Fellowship in Neuropediatrics and Infantile Epilepsy, Pediatric Neurology Department, Necker Enfants Malades Hospital and Neurosurgery Department Adolphe Rothschild Foundation, Paris, France (2004-2005).

Inter-University Diplome in Childhood Neurology (DIU), Jules Verne University, Amiens, France (2006).

Doctoral Thesis “Clinical and Molecular Genetics of Familial Epilepsies”, Autonoma University, Madrid, Spain (2013)

Currently doing a Fellowship in Childhood Epilepsy and Epilepsy surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK. Funding by Alicia Koplowitz Foundation



Korff, C – Geneva (SWITZERLAND)

Christian Korff is head of the Pediatric Neurology Unit at Children’s University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland. He received his MD from the University of Geneva, and his post-graduate training included residencies in various Pediatric and Neurology centers in Switzerland. From 2003 to 2005, he completed a clinical and research fellowship in Pediatric Neurology and Epileptology with Prof. Douglas R.Nordli, Jr, at Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, before returning to Geneva. Current research and clinical interests include various aspects of pediatric epilepsy (genetics, inflammation) and EEG analysis. Christian served the International League against Epilepsy (ILaE) as a member of the Classification Task Force that developed the diagnosis manual from 2009 - 2013. He has functioned as tutor in the ILaE Virtual Epilepsy Academy (VIREPA) since the first edition in 2012.




Morales I – Madrid (SPAIN)

Dr. Irene García Morales works as an epileptologist in the Epilepsy Program at Hospital Ruber Internacional and in the Epilepsy Unit at Hospital Clínico San Carlos,  in Madrid. She did a fellowship in epilepsy at Hospital Ruber International (2002-2004) and after that she developed a Program for Epilepsy at Hospital CLinico San Carlos in Madrid. She is involved  along with other epileptologists in the Epilepsy Treatment of adult and children with different types of epilepsy. Within the epilepsy field, she has special interest in idiopathic generalized epilepsy and psychiatric comorbidity in epilepsy as well as in the treatment of status epilepticus, contributing to different studies in these fields that has been published in several journals of high impact in epilepsy.  She   also collaborates in the training of many neurologists with interest in epilepsy and has co-authored several books.





Pérez Jiménez, MA – Madrid (SPAIN)

María Ángeles Pérez-Jiménez, MD, PhD is a clinical neurophysiologist and epileptologist, trained in paediatric epileptology and paediatric epilepsy surgery. She is responsible for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit of the Niño Jesús Paediatric University Hospital, and coordinates the comprehensive presurgical multimodal evaluation of children and adolescents (epilepsy surgery program). She collaborates actively in research and educational activities, and contributes to the development of the educational commission of the Spanish Epilepsy Society.



Pressler, R – London (ENGLAND)

Ronit Pressler is Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology and clinical lead of the Telemetry Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, London and Honorary Reader at the UCL-GOS Institute of Child Health. She qualified from Berlin University in 1992 and trained in paediatrics in Berlin, Germany and clinical neurophysiology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, obtaining her MD in 1997 from the Free University of Berlin. Her PhD thesis from Kings College London focused on the effect of treating subclinical EEG discharges in children with epilepsy.

Her research interests include neonatal seizures, particularly their diagnosis and treatment, as well as the effect of epilepsy on cognition and pre-surgical evaluation in children with complex epilepsy. She was the coordinator of NEMO, an EU funded program investigating the safety and efficacy of bumetanide for the treatment of neonatal seizures. She is currently chair of the ILAE neonatal seizure classification task force as well as co-chair of the ILAE neonatal guidelines update task force and the INC Neonatal seizure working group. 



Robalo, C – Coimbra (PORTUGAL)

Conceição Robalo is a Consultant Child Neurologist and the head of the laboratory of EEG of the Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra, Portugal and member of Coimbra Integrated Epilepsy Center.  Her Main areas of interest are clinical pediatric epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, pediatric electroencephalography.

Workplace: Centro de Desenvolvimento da Criança. Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC).

Telefone: 351 239 488700 ext: 12725

Email: c.robalo@chuc.min-saude.pt



Salas-Puig, F – Barcelona (SPAIN)

Javier Salas-Puig is Chair of the Epilepsy Unit of the Neurology Department at Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona-Spain) and Associate Professor of Neurology in Autonoma University of Barcelona. He obtained his medical degree from the Central University of Barcelona and qualified as a Neurologist in 1983 from the General Hospital Asturias, Oviedo, Spain. Dr. Salas-Puig continued his professional training at the Hôpital La Timone -University of Aix-Marseille (France) specializing in Clinical Electroencephalography and working as foreign neurologist in Centre Saint Paul (Marseille) during 1983-1985.  In 1985 he returned to the Central University Hospital of Asturias. He gained his doctorate at the University of Oviedo in 1991. Until 2008 he was also Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Oviedo (Spain).



Sánchez-Carpintero, R – Pamplona (SPAIN)




Serratosa, JM – Madrid (SPAIN)

José M Serratosa MD, PhD, is Chief of the Department of Neurology and Director of the Eplilepsy Unit at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital and Associate Professor at the School of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid in Madrid, Spain. He completed his undergraduate training and his postgraduate training in neurology at the Autonoma University of Madrid. He specialized in epilepsy with the support of fellowships from the Epilepsy Foundation of America at the California Comprehensive Epilepsy Program of the University of California Los Angeles where he then worked as an assistant research neurologist. Since 1995 he has been in charge of the Epilepsy Unit at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital in Madrid, Spain. His main research interests include the clinical and molecular genetics of the epilepsies (specially the epileptic encephalopathies, the idiopathic generalized epilepsies, and the progressive myoclonus epilepsies, mainly Lafora disease), the study of mouse models of Lafora disease, and the influence of genetic variations in the expression of particular common epilepsy phenotypes. He heads a research lab funded with public funds from the Spanish Government and the United States´ NIH and is a group within the Centre for Biomedical Network Research on Rare Diseases (CIBERER). He has published numerous papers and book chapters in the field of epilepsy, mainly on the genetics of the epilepsies. He has been Associate Editor of Epilepsia and is a member of the editorial board of the journal Seizure. He has also been a member of the editorial board of Epileptic disorders and Epilepsy Research and has served as a member of the Genetics Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). He is now the President of the Spanish Epilepsy Society.




Sierra Marcos, A – Barcelona (SPAIN)

Alba Sierra-Marcos (MD, PhD) is a board Neurologist focused on Epileptology. Currently she is leading the Neurology and Neurophysiology Department of IMECBA (Barcelona Medical and Surgical Institute), which provide care to epileptic patients in different centres in Barcelona. She is also an investigator in Vall d´Hebron Research Institute. She is author of 15 peer-reviewed papers.




Specchio, N – Rome (ITALY)

Department of Neuroscience, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, Institute for Research and Health Care (IRCCS), Rome, Italy

Nicola Specchio is Head of the Epilepsy Unit in the Department of Neuroscience at Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, Rome, Italy, where within his role, he is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with paediatric epilepsy. This includes the pre‑surgical evaluation of patients with drug resistant epilepsy and the selection of patients with genetic epilepsies.

Dr Specchio’s main interest lies with seizure semiology and the classification of epileptic seizures and syndromes. He has published papers in many international journals including Epilepsia, Epilepsy Research, Epilepsy and Behavior and is currently responsible for several clinical studies regarding patients with drug-resistant epilepsy and the genetic aetiology of epileptic encephalopathy in the first three years of life.

Dr Specchio is a representative of International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Commission on European Affairs and of the Italian Chapter of the ILAE.



Trivisano, M – Rome (ITALY)

Marina Trivisano has been working since 2014 as Paediatric Neurologist in the Unit of Rare and Complex Epilepsy of Neuroscience Department at Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, IRCCS in Rome, Italy. She received Medical Degree in 2008, Neurology Specialization in 2014, and PhD in 2017. Her main area of expertise is clinical and EEG characterization of rare genetic epilepsies as well as of other epileptic syndromes. She is member of the Italian League Against Epilepsy and author of more than 50 peer-reviewed papers and many book chapters



Ugalde Canitrot, A – Madrid (SPAIN)

Arturo Ugalde-Canitrot is a consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist and Epileptologist, with a PhD degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He works at Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid, Spain) since 2002, currently with leading position at the epilepsy unit (clinic, video-EEG and evaluation of epilepsy surgery candidates, both children and adults) and also with dedication to neurophysiological brain monitoring/mapping. He has extended his training at prestigious neuroscientific centres in Cleveland (USA), Milan (Italy), Grenoble (France) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In addition, he is a professor of the Medical School at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) since 2011, and regularly collaborates in graduate and postgraduate programs at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Biomedical Engineering School at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has recently been awarded a certificate of excellence, in consideration as best teacher of the university (UFV) in consecutive years. His main fields of interest are epileptology, brain stimulation, brain connectivity-network analysis, and biomedical engineering.

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